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How To Rekindle The Romance. Free Hookup Sights!

14 Ways To Rekindle The Romance In Your Relationship

1 Oct The honeymoon may be over, but that doesn't have to mean the end of romance. Go on, break out of your relationship rut, reconnect with your partner, and fire up the passion that brought you together in the first place. Focus on the positive. Remember those fabulous qualities you noticed in your partner.

20 Mar If you're anything like most couples in a long-term relationship (especially with kids), your relationship can sometimes feel a bit flat. Not a source of pain, but not a ray of sunshine, either. Last week I wrote a blog about how to identify if your relationship needs urgent care 10 Signs That Your Relationship. About the Author. Jim Burns is President of HomeWord and has written books for parents, youth workers, and students. Jim and his wife, Cathy, and their daughters Christy, Rebecca, and Heidi, live in Southern California. Visit HomeWord. MARRIAGE. Rekindle the Romance In Your Marriage. By Jim Burns HomeWord. 8 Feb When was the last time you laughed until you cried, tried something new together or spent an afternoon walking hand-in-hand? Work and family commitments can leave little energy for romance but couples who make time for one another go the distance. Romance isn't just about grand gestures. Even the.

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