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Want To Make A Girlfriend. Date Hookup!

Do You Want Girlfriend ? — Humor

Так что приезжай сюда и скажи мне то, что я хочу услышать,. Better yet make your girlfriend disappear. А ещё лучше скажи своей подружке исчезнуть,. I don' t wanna hear you say her name ever again. Я не хочу, чтобы ты когда-нибудь ещё произносил её имя. She's like, so whatever. Она тебе не подходит.

I could be your girlfriend. Hey! Hey! You! You! I know that you like me. No way! No way! No it's not a secret. Hey! Hey! You! You! I want to be your girlfriend. Verse 1. You're so fine. I want you mine. You're so delicious. I think about ya all the time. You're so addictive. Don't you know what I could do to make you feel alright?. Wanna take some time. And take you serious. Gotta take a position. The way that. We've been hanging out. It should be obvious. I admit it, baby. I want you for my girlfriend. You make me nervous. You make me shout. You turn me, baby, inside out. But most of all, I'm satisfied. Whenever you're around. Yet I get this feeling. Man 2: A friend in need is a friend indeed. That's nice of you. I'm an accountant. I can't wait to leave LA either, I wouldn't stay there for another year for all the money in the world. Man 1: Home is where the heart is. Man 2: Uh-huh. The truth is I want to make it up with my ex-girlfriend too. I left for LA and we broke up.

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